Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I think a sport that is loved by children all over the world is football (soccer)!!!!!

This year Vision of Destiny had an after school program where children can choose a club to participate in one day a week after school. Their choices this year were music/dance or football. It was pretty much divided equally in half as to what the children chose.

They have learned much in each of the activities. The children in football have learned football skills as well as sportsmanship, sharing, encouraging each other, and having a positive attitude.

The month of November was a month of rewards for these children. We were invited to two different schools to play matches against their students. And we were invited by one of the international schools for a day camp on their football pitch.

I think this was the most exciting thing for the students of Vision of Destiny. It was the first time they had played on a real football pitch and even though it had rained the day and night before they had a blast! Actually, playing in the water was an added bonus! That day they were able to interact with the high school students who helped run the camp, learn new drills and skills, as well as scrimmage on a real football pitch!

So, the school year is about to end and with it, the end of after school football for this year.

However, I'm sure the kids will be playing football with their friends and neighbors over the break and be back next year ready for some more fun!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby Jurnee

Meet Baby Jurnee!

She made her way into the world at midnight, Friday, November 18.

After months of waiting, we were blessed with a short labor and delivery and got to finally see the blessing we've been waiting on! She weighed 3.5 kilos and was 46 cm long.

She is truly a blessing from God and we're extremely thankful for her life, enjoying every precious minute we get to spend with her, and are looking forward to what her future holds!

Thanks to the many that have been praying for us! You are appreciated.