Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Christine's Exam Results and Meet Hatwiyah!

Do you remember being introduced to Christine a few months ago?  I had asked for you to be praying for her as she sat her A level exams- the big exams that determine a students' entrance into university.  
Well, results came out today!  

Christine got a B average!  I'm so excited for her!  Despite being a total orphan growing up in a slum, her future looks bright.

To continue under Vision of Destiny's sponsorship program in university, Christine needed to have at least a C average.  She is excited that she can now begin the process of seeking university admission.  It's a little bit different here in that students apply directly into their major course of study, no basic or core classes needed!  She's hoping to get admitted into one of two universities and her heart is set on studying Environmental Studies.  She'll also apply for several other courses in case she's not admitted for Environmenal Studies.

Again, a huge thanks to her sponsor for getting her this far.  Sponsorship has made a difference in her life.

Meet Hatwiyah (we also call her Nassali)!

Hatwiyah just completed her O level and did amazingly well!  She scored in Division 1 which is an A average!

Hatwiyah comes from a Muslim background.  Her mom was married to an older man at a young age, just after completing her primary school studies.  This ended her chances of further education.  A couple of years later, Hatwiyah was born.  A few more years later, Hatwiyah's dad took another wife and left the family.
With no education, no job, no real means of survival, Hatwiyah's mom had little hope that her children would attend school.  She applied to Vision of Destiny's sponsorship program and both of her children were accepted.

Hatwiyah has proven to be a capable student, well mannered, friendly, and hard working.  Her four years of being in Vision of Destiny's sponsorship program have been spent at May Christian College.  She now has a strong foundation in what Christians believe.  
Upon receiving her O level exam results, Hatwiyah was eligible for a better school.  When she began looking around, she chose one of the best Christian schools in the country!  It's a school well known for its high academic standards as well as its strong Christian foundation.

One thing that sets Vision of Destiny apart from other sponsorship programs is that we send our kids to the best schools.  This sometimes puts a strain on our finances but our kids are excelling.  This gives them a better chance to attend university in the future, a chance for better jobs, hope of being leaders and rebuilding their communities.  We have been blessed in that most schools that our kids go to will give us discounted rates and allow us to pay what sponsors give or just slightly over that.

Hatwiyah has done far better than what we could have ever imagined.  She has fought to excel in her studies.  When she came back with the school of her choice, we sort of wavered.  Would we manage the school fees?  We've stepped out in faith and she is enrolled and has already reported to school.  We're believing that God already knows how her fees will be paid.

Hatwiyah is currently without a sponsor.  She has two years of high school remaining and then hopefully will be continuing on to university.  

School fees for Hatwiyah are more than the $35/month that sponsorship usually is.  Each term (there are three per year) is $341 ($90.25/month- this includes the cost of her school supplies).  She would also need school supplies and textbooks in addition to this.  Her school supplies each term are $20.  Textbooks we are not sure of yet, as we are hoping she'll be able to use the ones in the school library.

We don't usually give one child more than one sponsor but because of the cost of Hatwiyah's school fees, we are asking for either one sponsor that can cover the sponsorship or for three that could do $30/month.  

If you are interested in sponsoring Hatwiyah or helping with her sponsorship in some way, please email me at

We are still in need of sponsors for many nursery and primary school students at the usual $35/month. 

Keep checking back to meet our other students that completed exams last year!