Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Look

Our new sign letting you know you have reached Vision of Destiny!

This year's teachers: Santa, Betty, Sylvia, Zaitun, Jane, and Lydia.

The outside wall of the school. Along the wall that you can't see well in this photo is the alphabet.

The inside wall!

More of the inside wall.

One of the inside walls. You can see the concrete slab which has been made. We're soon putting a tent up so that children will have shade as well as a dining area to eat from.

Our new kitchen! It's almost twice the size of the old one......

Our new stove. It's made of brick and will help us to save on the use of firewood.

We're excited about this new school year! Please pray with us as we begin on Jan. 31 with 108 children!