Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, I didn't meet my goal of putting a post each week of a child waiting for a sponsor......... I really need to do better. Thanks to all of you who read and shared about Wind Mary. However, she is still waiting for a sponsor.

Today, I'd like for you to meet Janet. Janet has been a student at Vision of Destiny since May of last year. That means for almost a year she has been waiting for a sponsor.

You might be asking how does she get to attend school if she's not already sponsored? The answer: God has been gracious to us in providing the funds to keep many children not yet sponsored in school. But, these children don't enjoy the privilege of knowing there is someone out there in the world that loves and cares for them. When it is time to send letters to sponsors, they have no one to send a letter to.

Janet is one of these children. For almost a year, she's been watching as her classmates and friends prepare their letters for their sponsors. She's been watching as they receive letters and pictures back from their sponsors.

Janet is a single orphan. Her father died, leaving her with her mother. Her mom works in a local market selling veggies to support the family. This income brings in enough to put food on the table and shelter over their heads, but not enough to pay school fees for Janet and all her siblings.

Janet's mother is hard working. She works so hard that one afternoon, she kept working into the evening, not realizing that no one had yet picked Janet from school. At 10:00 in the evening she called to ask if Janet was still at school. Yes, she's still at school. But, by that time, it was too late for her mom to come from where she was to pick her up. So, Janet had to spend the night at school and was picked up in the morning. Yet, another reason that we desperately need a boarding school. But, that's a post for another day.

As you read this, maybe you can pray about sponsoring Janet or one of the other waiting children? Or you can pass this along to a friend that might consider sponsoring? Sponsoring is simple. It's only $35 a month. That's a small commitment for most of us out there in the world. Many of us spend more than that each month on frivolous things. If you would like more information on sponsoring Janet or anther child at Vision of Destiny please visit our website at or email me at