Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Love Short Term Teams!

We just hosted our second short term team of the year!  Another really great group!

Through a mutual friend, I was connected to their team leader.  The group was a YWAM group coming from a base in Germany- primarily an art focused school.  The school begins with a three month discipleship training school.  Then ends with an outreaching lasting for about two months or so.

The group spent two weeks at Vision of Destiny.  They were able to do lots of photography for us!  That means sponsors will be getting professionally done updated photos of their kids this year (unless your child was absent on the days photos were being taken)!!!!  They also were able to put together a brochure for us as well as toss around lots of ideas for upcoming projects.

So many times groups come in with their own agenda and want to do things their own way.  Not this group.  They were willing to learn and desired to be a blessing.  And a blessing they were!  We were extremely blessed to have them and are looking forward to them sending more teams our way.

Our family with the team!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not Going to Back Down

I went to church with Jurnee on Sunday (the first after many Sundays out).  She doesn't usually make it through the service.  Actually, not much past through praise and worship- if we even make it through that.

This past Sunday was no different.  Before praise and worship was over, she had to leave the service.  There's Sunday School for children but for the young babies usually a parent has to stay with them......  When they're a bit older (crawling and not crying), they'll keep them without a parent if the room is not too busy.

I usually hang out in there and hear what I can of the service while talking to the other moms that are there.  Sunday was sort of a light day.  Only 5 babies.  All but one were older than Jurnee.  All but Jurnee and that one are mobile- mostly walking!

And of course, as babies do, they like to try to pull everything away from each other.  Jurnee was having none of that!  One of the girls kept walking over and trying to take the toy Jurnee had away.  Jurnee kept a tight grip and made sounds back at the girl.  The girl eventually gave up and sat down somewhat close to Jurnee on the floor.  Jurnee then proceeded to try to remove the child's shoes, which the other child didn't like.  End result- other child crying.  Jurnee gripping a couple of child sized green shoes.

Other kids would have a melt down when realizing mom was not there or when be refused to leave the room.  Jurnee just continued to play and blow bubbles!

It was pretty fun to watch her!

Friday, May 18, 2012

6 Months of Life With Jurnee

I haven't done a very good job at keeping everyone updated..... on so many things......  You get the point!  I haven't put up a single picture of Jurnee since I announced her arrival!  
Today, Jurnee turns 6 months old so thought I'd share with you glimpses of our life with her!  

In November a couple of days after Jurnee was born

December..... getting ready to head out
I am already living up to my name Jurnee!

January......please don't disturb me while I'm sleeping!

February..... already wanting to be on the move.....  
See her foot up in the air.... I think she's wanting to swim!

March......just hanging out with Mom at home to make the most of lunch!  
It wouldn't be fun unless I got to play with it!

May......  I already need my computer time! 

May 18........ I'm 6 months old today!