Thursday, October 8, 2015

Don't Break Their Spirit

So, again 30 minutes before midnight and I'm just getting a chance to sit down and post something.  I have a great view though.  Three of my four little ones asleep on my bed.  I love watching my kids sleep.  They look so peaceful and carefree.
As I sit and watch them sleep, I think of all that God has planned for them.  All that is before them.  I think of what they will become, what kind of person they will be, how their little personalities are forming.  I so hope they will walk fully in the plans God has for them.  I pray that I never become a stumbling block to them, especially by breaking their spirit.
I think many times as parents when disciplining our children we don't realize the impact of our words!  How much some things we say (or even the way we say something) really hurts our children or pulls their confidence down.  I think about how many times when I've lost patience or not wanted to be bothered at the moment that I've spoken impatiently or harshly or said something that really shouldn't have been said, only to see a look of defeat in my child's eyes.  It's a look I really don't want to see.  I want to be a parent that lifts my child up, not tears them down.  Again, I pray for grace to abound so that I can speak to my children patiently words that uplift.

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