Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hurry Up....... Time Flies So It's Better To Slow Down

OK, so I've missed a few days!  But, I don't want to give up totally, so I'm back with another post......
We all know time flies.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding my firstborn and wondering what I was going to do with a newborn.  Now she's almost four years old!  But, even though I know time flies, I still find myself always in a rush, always rushing my kids, always telling them to hurry up!  They're just babies and exploring their world.  Why rush them through it?  Grace would say slow down and take time with them.  Patience!
It's really not necessary for them to do everything quickly.  It's ok if they take long to tie their shoes or stop on a walk to pick flowers!  That's what they're supposed to be doing.  I should be enjoying the little things of life with them.

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